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The Air Element  (エアエレメント Eaeremento?) is an elemtent that is compatible that can stay in the air and use high flying moves and can fly around the place. The Element of Air is a light, active element and is contrary to Earth. It is associated with the qualities of darkness, thinness and motion.


Strong Against

  • Grass Element: The Air Element have an disgracious advantage on the Grass Element because of their high flying skills to knock them off the ground.
  • Fighting Element: The Air Element can top off the Fighting Element using their skills in the air since it's said that the Fighting Element are weak in the air.

Special Techniques

  • Able to stay off the ground for a long period of time.
  • Divination, concentration, visualization, wind magic.


  • Lightning Element: The Air Element can get easily electrocuted by thunder clouds from the Lightning Element.
  • Ice Element: The Air Element will also have major problems with the cold weather around them freezing them is a good possible disadvantage to the Ice Element.