Amanda's Graduation Cook-Out
Amanda's Graduation Cook-Out
Date June 4th, 2016
Attendance 22
Time 3 PM - 11 PM
Next Event Keyonna's Graduation Party
Previous Event N/A
 Amanda's Graduation Cook-Out is a Cook-Out / Swimming on the Graduation of Amanda Stratton from Brookville High School. The Event had 22 People there until most of them have left with only 4 left. A Storm also hitted and the party had to end 2 hours early around 9:50.

List of Notable Attendances


Photos by Baxter Ewers

Photos by Amanda Stratton


  • Lexi Adams was intended to come, however she couldn't due to having to move out until June 20th to move to Idaho because her father got a job there.
  • Dylan Hudson was also intended to come, however he wasn't there.
  • The party had to end early due to a storm coming. Which it ended around 9:50 PM
  • Amanda, Baxter, Megan, and Chris were the longest to stay.