Baxter Legends  (バクスター伝説 Bakusutā densetsu?, Baxter X-Over) is an game for the PS3, PS4, PSVitaXbox 360 and Xbox One in 2016. The game contains characters from the entire Super Baxter (franchise) franchise.

The Game is rated T for Violence, Sexual Themes, Animated Blood and Partical Nudity. It was intended to be Rated M, but it was turned down to T.

Plot Overview

MahroeMorgan and other villains from the series have come together to wreak havoc, creating chaos in their wake and successfully trapping several heroes beyond space and time. To the brilliant minds, Baxter, Baxter X, The Super Baxter and others have come in together to team up with their allies and save the universe all together.



Element System


Super Baxter

Super Baxter Times X


Baxter and Gunther

Monster G

Real Life

Superstar Nicolas

Yare Yare Mariko!





  • This is the first crossover ever to include characters from the MagiQuest series. All other series had playable representatives in other crossovers:
  • Most of the female character's artwork shows them in their bikinis and swimsuit, like Princess Denise, Savannah Allen and Mariko.
  • Regardless of what stage the character is on, The Stage Clear theme will always be from the original Super Baxter.