Height: 7'9"
Weight: 566 lbs.
Eye Color: Black
Hair Color: Black
Element: None
Fighting Style: Bullying and Harrasing
Likes: Bulling, Hurting others
Dislikes: Dying, Baxter
Special Abilities: Are after real life bullies
Moveset: Punch, Kick
Alignment: Evil
Bullies  (いじめ Ijime?) are enemies in all Super Baxter Franchises and the Real Life franchises except MagiQuest . They usually would pick on the protagonist very badly. They were added in because of Baxter Ewers's hatred over them from school and some in the environment that pick on him. They are mostly found in school's in the games.

Kinds of Bullies

In Super Baxter

Bullies are one of the main enemies throughout the series.

In Super Baxter Times X

Morgan was the one who led the bullies to attack the world and hurt all mankind to take over the universe as soon as possible. However, his plans always fails in the hands of Super Baxter X and Super Gunther Y because the bullies are weak to them.


  • There was a joke during Vent Light's gameplay of Super Baxter 1 at the end of the video with the "Get in my Belly" by Fat Bastard from Austin Powers.
    • Infact, the Bullies were an inspiration to Fat Bastard from Austin Powers.