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Fireball Studios, is an American video game company most notable of Super Baxter franchise. It is located around Lynchburg / Timberlake, Virginia where they so far produced 2 Super Baxter games (One a Spin-Off and the other is a Main).


The Art-Era 2011-Present

Fireball Studios was first founded in 2011 as a Company of artwork and drawings. It's even a local company where many drawings of Baxter and the cast from other series such as Fire Hair, Real Life (at first it was called "Youtube", then "Red Excorist" and now called "Real Life"), and A-Girls. Baxter Ewers runs the company himself and so far made a whole bunch of artwork on his "DeviantART" Page entitled as "Super-Baxter".

Video Games 2015-Present

Fireball Studios has released it's first game not entitled to the main series as Super Baxter: Platforms which was infact a test game so that there could be games in the future. It was successful as on February 11th, 2016, It's "Official" Main Timeline Game started off as Super Baxter 1 and the game didn't have any lives which made the player restart each time he is touched by an enemy. However, after some testing on lives and advanced stuff, In the next game Super Baxter 2: Mahroe's Resurrection, Baxter is said to finally get damaged by enemies now and have some new effects in for the game for example, now supporting life bars and lives. New Items are said to be in there with the returning Pizza and Meatball Subs.

It is also stated that the Real Life games are said to be made as well. The series has given it's official "M-Rated" Targetting because of Blood, Violence and other tatics in the game.

List of Franchises by Fireball Studios

  • Super Baxter
  • Fire Hair
  • A-Girls
  • Bonic Adventures
  • Worlds Dumbest Scientist
  • Mahou Shounen Nicolas (at first since 2013, it was called "Super Nicolas", then 10/21/2015, it was called "Superstar Nicolas". Then, 01/16/2017, it is now "Mahou Shounen Nicolas)
  • Cat Fighter
  • Piza Yoro bōken
  • Real Life
  • Vampire Desire
  • Kōkō Sotsugyō shōsho
  • The Last Hero
  • Black Widow
  • The Thugs
  • Adventures in the Gym
  • Furry
  • Dragon Sisters
  • Dragon Boy
  • Fight Girl
  • Nichole
  • Yare Yare Mariko!
  • Smiley
  • Sadi: Warui shiri
  • Spirit Halloween
  • Miraculous Red
  • Dragon Ball Fire**
  • Superstar Kabuto