Grand Theft Auto: Real Life Edition
Developer(s) Fireball Studios
Publisher(s) Fireball Studios
Platform(s) PC
Release date TBA
Genre Action-adventure, Racing, Third-person shooter
Rating(s) M
Mode(s) Single Player
Media Downloadable Game
Input Keyboard
Download Game Jolt
 Grand Theft Auto: Real Life Edition  (グランドセフトオート:実生活版 Gurandosefutoōto: Jisseikatsu-ban?) is a video game developed by Fireball Studios. It is the first Spin-Off and Parody Game of Rockstar North's Grand Theft Auto franchise, instead is doing the Real Life Franchise instead. This Game will be created on Game Maker 8.1 like the other Fireball Studios Games.

It is somehow set around Lynchburg, a new york / los angeles type of city from the original franchise and it's surrounding areas.


To be Announced...


It's confirmed that Vehicles will be included into the game. Cars, Bikes and Motorcycles are said to be into the game for sometime in a row.


Businesses is confirmed to be into the game.


Most Weapons are going to be put into the game. Most likely Guns are more common than anything else.


Confirmed Data

Hobbies and Past Times





Non-Required Tasks


  • This Game is created due to the fact that of Youtuber Sly Shooter doing various montages of Grand Theft Auto V destroying people.

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