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The Grass Element  (グラスエレメント Gurasueremento?) is an element that controls the likes of Plantkinesis and Plants and Nature. The Grass Element is said to be the 3rd strongest out of the 2 other elements (The Fire Element and Water Element). The Element of Grass is both creative and destructive, it's qualities are Nature, Plants and The Ecosystem.


Strong Against

  • Water Element: The Grass Element is capable of absorbing water to gain there health and power and easily defeat them.
  • Ground Element: The Grass Element is nature while the ground has no use of winning against them.

Special Tecniques

  • Friends of the Earth Element
  • Easy for them to actually create trees and plants.
  • Eat alot of food.
  • There favorite drink is actually water.


  • Fire Element: The Grass Element don't bare that strong against the Fire Element due to the fact that, Fire will burn up plants and crops.
  • Ice Element: The Grass Element will freeze against the Ice Element because during cold times, Frost will come all over plants
  • Poison Element: The Grass Element are easily damaged by Poison due to the fact Poison can destroy bacteria from plants.
  • Air Element: The Grass Element are easily knocked off their feet against those who are high flyers.