Gunther (Monster G)
Birthdate: July 10, 2001
Birthplace: Electric Dome
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 176 lbs. (79 kg)
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Gold
Element: Lightning Element
Fighting Style: Urufusurasshu
Likes: Women, Horo, Mia, Junk Food, Christmas, Laziness, Fighting to save the world, His Brother
Dislikes: Bullies, Vegetables, Getting Strangled, Losing his Necklaces and cant find it a long time.
Special Abilities: If the necklace is taken off he will transform into a Wolf, Cyborg, Vampire, and Dragon all mixed together to form one monster.
Moveset: Wolf Screech, Vampire Bite, Electro Strike, Wolf Slash, Dragon Shot, Tail Whip, Dragon Whirlwing, Electric Ball, Thunder Blast, Lightning Finisher
Alignment: Good
 Gunther  (ギュンター Gyuntā?) is the main protagonist in Monster G. He is the younger brother of Baxter and the older brother of Rose. He is currently dating Horo. He retains his Electrokinetic abilities from his original counterpart. His Monster form is a mix of these following creatures a Wolf, a Dragon,a Vampire, and a Cyborg.


Gunther's Monster G's design is much similar to the original Gunther but his hair has more bangs and his eyes are turquoise.




  • Electrokinesis: Gunther's main source of electricity,
  • By taking off his necklace, he can transform into his monster form.