Birthdate: December 11th, 0 A.D.
Birthplace: Ancient Egypt
Height: 7'0"
Weight: 510 lbs. (231 kg.)
Eye Color: Orange
Hair Color: None
Element: All Elements
Fighting Style: Tahtib
Likes: Being a Big Ruler
Dislikes: Dying, All Species in the Whole entire Super Baxter Universes, His Followers disrespecting him
Special Abilities: Mastery of alien technology, specifically in regards to genetics and biochemistry
Alignment: Lawful Evil
 Judgement  (判定 Hantei?) is one of the major antagonists and one of the most powerful super Baxter villains in the Super Baxter Franchise. He is the answer to Marvel's Apocalypse to commemorate the movie X-Men: Apocalypse.

Concept and Design

He was almost also called Apocalypse at first. However, due to the similarities of Apocalypse, his name was changed to Judgement.


Judgement looks a lot like Apocalypse as he wears armor with a bit of an Egyptian look for him.


Judgement is a very complex entity, usually seen as malevolent he is actually somewhat amoral and seeks to ensure that the "strong" survive and populate so as to create a society in which super-mutants such as himself would wage eternal war and thus ensure his own supremacy over the world (as he sees himself as the strongest of all mutants). He views humans as unworthy of existing but has offered them the "gift" of mutation (often with deadly side-effects) and is utterly devoted to engineering the war between man and mutant : this was seen after many mutants were depowered by Laylah and Judgement manifested, threatening to wipe out half of humanity so as to ensure both sides had a "fitting chance" in his grand goal of amassing a following of the "strongest".


Powers and Abilities




Judgement actually does have his weaknesses. Since he uses all of the abilities from other elements, Baxter has founded out what his weaknesses are really, He can't take on Lava or Magma kinetic powers from Baxter himself. Some of the other elements who have some sort of power can even take him out as well. Judgement can't even withstand since he may be the "strongest" technically he is not, it'll take him awhile to become a strong mutant.