Keyonna's Graduation Party
Keyonna's Graduation Party
Date June 18th, 2016
Attendance 11 (currently)
Time 4 PM
Next Event 6th Annual Lynchburg Zombie Walk
Previous Event Amanda's Graduation Cookout
 Keyonna's Graduation Party is a Party to celebrate the graduation of Keyonna Poindexter from College. It is an Upcomming Party. It was announced that she doesn't have a pool. Making it the first to ever not have a pool, unlike Amanda's.

List of People who Attended

  • Keyonna Poindexter (Host)
  • Baxter Ewers
  • Bruce Poindexter
  • Jimmy Poindexter
  • Lisa Poindexter
  • Ashley Poindexter
  • Tierra Poindexter
  • Wyatt Wilson
  • Julia Howell (Possible)
  • Drew Trepanitis (Possible)
  • Logan Weigand (Possible)