First Appearance Super Baxter 1 (2016)
Latest Appearance Super Baxter 1 (2016)
Derived Species
Hanma Kurtle
Notable Members
Kurtles are a race of turtle-like creatures with horns and without a shell. There are many different types of Kurtles, the best-known of which are the Kurtle's themselves.

Most Kurtles seem to operate in a hierarchy-based grouping system. Mahroe is the leader of the Army, which has invaded Evington Kingdom many times and has control over most of the Kurtles in the Baxter series. Many of these same Kurtles are soldiers in this army and have different tasks in the organization based on the abilities of their particular class. For example, Kurtles tend to be assigned as basic foot soldiers alongside Bullies due to their lack of special abilities, while Majikkus Kurtles are often given advisory roles due to their magical abilities and gift of foresight. 

However, not all Kurtles are allied with Mahroe. Some Kurtles, such as the Kurtles of  Kame Village, live peacefully inside the borders of the Evington Kingdom, while others, such as The Fast Kurtlesimply holds no allegiance and operate independently.



Kurtles are common enemies in the Baxter series. While some are peaceful, Kurtles are usually displayed as foot soldiers of the Kurtle Army under the direct leadership of Mahroe. They are considered to be the archetypal Kurtles, as they have no special abilities like Hanma Kurtles. or Orokana. Throughout the Baxter series, Kurtles have appeared as both quadrapedal creatures (four legged) and bipedal (walking on two legs). Since their debut in Super Baxter 1, Kurtles have appeared in almost every game, usually as enemies.