Real Life x Christian 2012

Both of these series takes place as like the same universe. Both Baxter and Main Protagonist of Christian 2012 Christian are defiantly in the same world together. Very Extremely Connections with the two universes makes it one hell of a crossover.

Real Life x Five Nights at Freddys

Real Life and Five Nights at Freddys are in the same universe together. Everything about it are the same thing in the series.

Real Life x Super Mario

The Real Life and Super Mario franchise have minor similarities, only one thing, Baxter is infact a Huge Mario Fanatic.

Real Life x Sonic The Hedgehog

The Werehogs are likely one of the creatures through out the series. Which they are said to be born in a accent time around 440 AC.

Real Life x Grand Theft Auto

A Whole Bunch of Things, even the largest city on earth Lynchburg has major references to the Grand Theft Auto Franchise. Fights happening in the City, Strip Clubs, People always being jerks and other things that goes on there.

The Strip Club is very similar to that of Grand Theft Auto V. Thus, The Real Life series will be always Rated "M"

There is an Upcomming Parody Game entitled Grand Theft Auto: Real Life Edition that is soon to come out.

Real Life x Street Fighter

Baxter makes a very tiny reference to Street Fighter with the Beru Hinotama looking similar to the Hadoken and Blue Uppercut as the Shoryuken.

Real Life x Worldstar Hiphop

This was very semi-common, Each In the Anime or Game, Real Life makes fights look very bloody. Sometimes people in the Real Life series will often shout "WORLDSTAR!" while seeing an all-out brawl.

Real Life x Pokemon

The Real Life and Pokemon Series have tons of amount of Pokemon in there, Making it another universe to be put into the Real Life franchise. Most commonly a whole bunch of Pokemon are either extrememly tall and large, or very furry.

Real Life x Heaven's Lost Property

Baxter is confirmed in the series to act like a Pervert to nearby girls, most commonly it's towards Savannah and Lexi because of there attractive body, but it happens rarely with others and Uncommon to Fantacy.

Baxter can even turn to his Chibi Form doing some acts that are not told to younger audiences.

Real Life x Digimon

Only the Popular Furries such as Renamon, Agumon and his 2 other forms including WarGreymon, and some other more fandom Digimon appear in the series.

Real Life x Attack on Titan

The Werehogs are very similar to that of the Titans and each species are likely not the same, but have a very common name to each of them. They both also eat different species, most commonly it's on Animals and Humans in each separate universe.