Super Baxter x Super Mario

Super Baxter and Super Mario Bros. have some major similarities which are the following.

  • The Art Style of each character almost resembles each Mario Character
    • Baxter identical to Mario
    • Gunther identical to Luigi
    • Waxter identical to Wario, however had a redesign in 2015.
    • Wagunther identical to Waluigi, however had a redesign in 2015.
    • Mahroe identical to Bowser, however no shell.

Pizza is alot identical to Coins from Mario gaining a point each time it has been touched.

Super Baxter x Dragon Ball

Super Baxter and Dragon Ball have major similar fights through out each series in each of their anime. Baxter plays like a similar role of Son Goku except he weilds Pyrokinetic Abilities instead of Ki-Energy like Goku does.

Both of the Franchises have them transform into their Super Forms or anyother form they have. Super X# Forms and Super Sayian Forms have a lot identical power.

Super Baxter x One Piece

Super Baxter and One Piece uses each power. Super Baxter with Each Element Type and One Piece with The Devil Fruits. Also there are many pervert moments in each of the series.

Super Baxter x Mega Man

Super Baxter 1 is the only game to have some feature elements that are identical to that from the Mega Man Games. However, this will be broken when Super Baxter 2: Mahroe's Resurrection will have more of the Mario Elements.

Super Baxter x Tokyo Mew Mew

Super Baxter has characters such as Zoe, Chelsea and Athena who all look alot like Ichigo from the Tokyo Mew Mew Franchise.

Super Baxter x Marvel x DC

Super Baxter and The Marvel and DC Universes had similar characters from each element into the series. Cyclothstone looks very similar to that of Dr. Doom from Marvel.

Super Baxter x The Simpsons

Super Baxter has "Siderville" Shared very largely and most of the places there are very similar from The Simpsons.

Super Baxter x Batman

Baxter has some similar fighting and some similar strategy to the Batman homage. Also The Dark Sider Trilogy is born now.