The Sider League is a team of video game superheroes in the Super Baxter Universe. Over the years they have featured a large number of characters in a variety of combinations. The SL members are listed here in order of their first joining the team, and none are listed twice. No retconned members are listed (except where they historically took part in the stories). No associates and unofficial members, or members of a Spin-Off Team (except when they are also Sider League members in the mainstream series) are listed. 

Characters in bold are current active members.


Character Joined in Notes
BaxterApril 27th, 2016Founding Members.
GuntherApril 27th, 2016
RoseApril 27th, 2016
ChesterApril 27th, 2016
WaxterApril 27th, 2016
NicolasMay 18th, 2016Active.
LaylahMay 18th, 2016Active.
BrianMay 18th, 2016Active.
CristianMay 23rd, 2016Active.
ArtemisMay 23rd, 2016Active.
JeniferMay 23rd, 2016Active.
CD-RiceMay 23rd, 2016Active.
NikkoMay 24th, 2016Active.
ChelseaMay 24th, 2016Active.
ZoeMay 24th, 2016Active.
AthenaMay 24th, 2016Active.
ScottJune 9th, 2016 - July 10th, 2016Betrayded the Team after trying to "grope" Denise and Attacked most of the Members before being kicked off by Baxter.
DeniseJuly 10th, 2016Active.
Amber September 10th, 2016Active.
Melissa September 10th, 2016Active.
Lexi September 10th, 2016Active.
Brody September 10th, 2016Active.