Started from 2012, there had been rumors, theories, and urban legends regarding fictional elements, production history and non-fictional events that occured.

Non Fictional Events

The Suicidal-School Event

There's a Urban Legend that Baxter Ewers wanted to kill himself after having a rough time in school and has been very sad to go to school because of being bullied, accused too much that offended him and kids around him hating on him secretly. However, Amber Ewers has looked out for him, same with Fantacy so this is why baxter always has girls with him.

This is why Baxter somehow never smiles all the time in the series because his teachers pushed him too hard except for his 1st, 3rd, 4th, 6th and 7th classes, 2nd and 5th  are giving him a rough time, 4th period is all the chit-chatters and everything went wrong in there. Baxter has been threaten and easily accused of not doing the right thing on work, but he tries.