Birthdate: June 17th, 1995.
Birthplace: Mitakihara Kingdom
Height: 5'1"
Weight: 134 lbs. (60 kg)
Eye Color: Yellow
Hair Color: Brown
Element: Ice Element
Fighting Style: Cold Prism Power
Likes: Anime, Vines, Games, Rap Battles, and Drawing.
Dislikes: Cartoons, Robot Chicken, Bullies, And People changing the Subject.
Special Abilities: Doesn't always control Ice
Moveset: Ice Ball, Frozen Punch, Cold Spin, Nikko Finale
Alignment: Good
 Nikko  (日光 Nikkō?) is the main protagonist and fictional-character of Super Nikko. Nikko is a character created & voiced by Nicolas Mejia since June 17, 2015 (which June 17 was the day, not the year 2015). Nikko also serves as the 2nd mascot of Mejia Entertainment, which he has been shown doing some fun activities. In drawings, Nikko is the hero who goes on a "Never-ending" quest to save his girlfriend, Saicha Yamazaki, from Isas and his Bully Army, Nikko also has been shown going on adventures with his partner, Chiko. He was a little bit of a silent character, which he now talks.

Concept and Design

The name Nikko is a baby boy name. The name Nikko comes from the Japanese origin. In Japanese The meaning of the name Nikko is: Daylight. Surname.


Nikko is a human who has Brown hair, Yellow eyes, Apricot skin, Human nose, Red Shirt, Blue Pants, & Brown Shoes.


Nikko's personality is mostly heroic, outgoing, & brave.


Nikko was created since somehow on June 17, 2015, He was supposed to be a Super Mario O.C for Roleplay's but now had a better design.

Powers and Abilities






  • Nikko was an inspiration from Mario.