Princess Denise
Princess Denise
Birthdate: January, 16th 1995
Birthplace: Cave of the Como-do Dragon
Height: 6'3"
Weight: 70 lbs. (36 kg)
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Black
Element: Dragon Element
Fighting Style: Doragon geijutsu no sentō sutairu
Likes: Baxter, Her princess business, cosplaying, dragons, the body heat of a human
Dislikes: Disrespect, Dishonesty, being ordered alot
Special Abilities: Can Transform into forms, Can lose control in her form to transform into a monster
Moveset: Dragon Claw, Black Bomber, Fire Breath, Princess Slap, Wing Flap, Black Bites, Tail Stab, Slither Strike, Dragon Breath
Alignment: Good
Princess Denise, Denisu (デニス Denisu?, to be devoted to Bacchus)is a main character in the Baxter series, and the princess of Evington Kingdom. Before Denise could become the now-know Princess of Evington Kingdom, She was simply raised by Wyvern the dragon goddess and Zmey the dragon king. She was said to be one of the daughters of The Slavic Dragon Species. She simply also has a huge crush on Baxter thanks to his hot body heat being very attracted by Denise.

Concept and Design

Denise is a female given name. It is one of the feminine forms of the masculine name Dennis. The name Denise is said to be of French origin, though its root names are Dionysius in Greek and Dionysia in Latin. Dionysius is the pagan God of wine, and the name Denise means "to be devoted to Bacchus." Meaning that Denise was once born as a goddess, however she was revealed to be born and raised by dragons.


Denise's appearance is having long black hair, wears a dress, her eye color is blue and wears princess high heels which makes her incrediably tall.

Denise's Dragon form is her being almost completely nude except having dragon scales all over her body, she has rough dragon scales all around her abdomen and legs, she supports dragon feet and hands with strong claws and has a tail. She also has horns and her eyes become dragon-like. Finally, she is taller than her normal height.



Early Life

In Other Media


  • Dragon Physiology - Denise's main abilities, with these abilities she's said to be a really tough fighter with it being so.


Denise, however is weak against the Ice Element and the Fairy Element due to being fully in the Dragon Element, she can easily be defeated by Ice and Fairy Elements