Pyrokinesis is the psychic ability to manipulate and speed up the atomic state to the point of combustion. One usually begins manipulating a candle's flame. In more advanced practices one can extinguish a candle flame or reignite a flame that has went out. Pyrokinesis is a branch of psychokinesis. Another common name for Pyrokinesis is "Flame Manipulation".

In the Super Baxter series

The Fire Element are capable of using these type of powers and can absorb the fire regaining their health, however Mahroe is indeed a fire element but his fire is a different color making him a target and can be hit by other fire.

On the other hand Baxter can upgrade his pyrokinesis into Lavakinesis and Magmakinesis at any point as his Magmakinesis can beat all the other elements due to the fact Magma for example can melt on the Ice and go through water.

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