So let's all be very honest right here; This wikia needs alot of helpers and members to create and fix up stuff on the wiki! This is where the Operation Popular Code comes in:

Stage 1

  • Try and get more users to come and add in some of their characters and learn how to use templates.
  • Fix up a number of pages to make it alot more sense.
  • Try to get rid of users who will mess up your wiki and this wiki as well.

Okay, guys, it seems that half of you don't know what a wikia is for.

Please, try and keep the opinions on articles to a minimum, like "This is my favorite game in the series" or "This character is similar to another" and "I think this happened". Secondly, don't fit all of the info on one page, if it gets to long. If you see any pages that need work, or have something like this (a good example of cramming it is like when you make groups, go to Baxter Teams). And finally, if you see a user trying to mess up the wiki, contact me so i can find that user and block them for eternity and will fix up the errors.

Current Goals

Below are a few general ideas. For more specifics, go to our Current Goals page.

New Users! Sign your name here!

Here is where we can keep track of the new users.

  1. Fireball Studios (Main Admin)
  2. Superbaxterbros Alternate account of RedHero14
  3. MahouShounenNicolas
  4. PrincessLaylahChan
  5. TCTStudios