Sider League
Sider League 1
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Type of Organization Team
Alias Siderville Heroes
First Apperance April 27th, 2016
 The Sider League is an Fictional Team appearing in the Super Baxter Franchise created by Fireball Studios. The team made its debut around April 27th, 2016. Inspired to be the success of the Avengers by Marvel, and Justice League by DC Comics.

Labeled to be called Siderville's Main Heroes, it originally consisted of Baxter, Gunther, Rose, Chester, and Waxter. However, new members would come and join the team as consistences of Nicolas, Laylah, and Brian. A rotating roster became a hallmark, although one theme remained consistent: the Sider League fight "the ones who cannot fight a strong force on his or her own." The team, famous for its battle cry of "Sider League Battle!", has featured humans, mutants, inhumans, robots, aliens, supernatural beings, and even former villains.


Super Baxter creator Baxter Ewers wanted the idea to create an actual team after having the idea of the Justice League and the Avengers. He wanted his team to become the first Video Game Team ever made.


The team was formed after Baxter was needed with a whole bunch of allies to Defeat Giga Mahroe. After Mahroe was once again defeated by Baxter and his allies, they had an idea that in case of an powerful enemy Baxter can't defeat.


The Sider League often unite to face super villains who pose catastrophic threats and are too powerful for only a solo hero to fight with. These enemies vary from Earth-based super villains such as King Spider or Mahroe, to intergalactic super villains such as Judgement and Black Witch.

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