Super Baxter: Arcade
Super Baxter Arcade
Developer(s) Fireball Studios
Publisher(s) Fireball Studios
Platform(s) PC
Release date 2016
Genre Platformer, Arcade
Rating(s) TBA
Mode(s) Single Player
Media Downloadable Game
Input Keyboard
Download TBA
Super Baxter: Arcade  (スーパーバクスター:アーケード Sūpābakusutā: Ākēdo?, Super Baxter: 1980's) in Japan, is a Game from the Super Baxter Series. It is created by Fireball Studios and will be released in sometime in 2016. The Game is said to be created right after Super Baxter 1 is done in development and released. However, it's a speciliation to see what happens, so it is unknown at this point how the game will be developed by this time. The game is developed on Game Maker 8.1








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