Super Baxter: Platforms
Super Baxter Platforms game
Developer(s) Fireball Studios
Publisher(s) Fireball Studios
Platform(s) PC
Release date November 28th, 2015
Genre Platform
Rating(s) E
Mode(s) Single Player
Media Downloadable Game
Input Keyboard
Download GameJolt (Download Link)
Super Baxter: Platforms is an platform game with only one level to help from boredom and funny moments released by Fireball Studios for PC on November 28th, 2015 and is only downloadable in GameJolt from the Windows and Windows XP Versions.


The Game starts out on a simple light blue and green platform were the player controls baxter all around the place to defeat the Kurtles and the Bullies. The player can also hit the "P" Button to shoot out Mini-Fireballs in all four directions. The game also has pizza for coins like from the Mario series.


Development began on November 27th 2015 and was considered to be the quickest development of all time with only one developer (Baxter Ewers) which it was turned as the very first "Official" Super Baxter game and was first on the PC. Development came to an end at November 28th 2015 around 3:32 PM.

Confirmed stuff

  • Baxter is the only playable character.
    • Mini Fireball's are confirmed to be a projectile used by him and shoots all in 4 directions.
  • Pizza is the collectable items like from the Mario Games with Coins.
  • One Level
  • Kurtles and Bullies moving around the place weirdly and off the ground.
  • One touch restarts the game after losing.


  • "Dr. Wily Stage 1" from Mega Man 2 (title)
  • "Bangarang" from Skrillex for the level.


  • The Game has a glitch which makes Baxter shoot the fireballs as the music in the background stops.