Super Baxter Anime  (スーパーバクスターアニメ Sūpābakusutāanime?) is an Upcomming American and Japanese Anime Adaption series by Fireball Studios.

The series follows the adventures of the protagonist Baxter, a super strong human sider who, upon meeting arriving in his real hometown "Siderville", sets out to protecting Siderville from the Kurtle Empire.


The series begins with the series's protagonist Baxter undergoing birth in a Chamber of the Fire Gods being born and created by his mother Fliarz and his Father Benson. Soon after his birth he was taken care of, and by the age of 7, He started his training to become a Fire Element. The Training Succeeded and Baxter was soon taken to Earth to Siderville would he then would protect it by stopping a Crime of Thugs. Siderville gave him food and money for a home which succeeded perfectly. After a while Baxter walks in a forest where he sees Siderville's Princess of the city, Denise, as she looks out feeling his heat and body from her Half-Dragon, Half-Human sense on him, She took a love interest to him. Which turned out to an Agreement that Baxter would fall in love with Denise throughout the series. After sometime, He would then come across The Green Team which one of them happens to be his Brother, after Gunther had escaped the green team for not doing the right thing by letting his brother go. Gunther would Ally his Older Brother Baxter and then worked together to save the world.


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