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Super Baxter (Comics)
Standard cover of issue one

 Super Baxter is an ongoing comic book and Light Novel series produced by Fireball Studios based on the famous Fireball Studios series Super Baxter.

At the end of every issue is a short comical section known as SB Funny Moments.

Publication History

The comic book series was first announced by Fireball Studios during July of 2015, and it was said to be still under development of the series.

Story Arcs and Graphic Novels

The comic's storyline is divided into graphic novels each consisting of four-issue story arcs.

Arc 1: Super Baxter: The First Kurtle Wars

The Arc kicks off with the birth of Baxter and how his origin of becomming the "Red Hero" of Siderville.

Arc 2: Super Baxter: Siderville and the birth of a reunion

Arc 3: Super Baxter: The Return of Mahroe

Arc 4: Super Baxter: The Brave and The Bold

Arc 5: Super Baxter: The Red Knight

Arc 6: Super Baxter: Age of Extinction

Arc 7: Super Baxter: Rise of The Demolisher

Arc 8: Super Baxter: The Dark Sun

Arc 9: Super Baxter: Revenge of the Doom

Arc 10: Super Baxter: The Shadow Age

Arc 11: Super Baxter: Fall of a Lightning Hero

Arc 12: Super Baxter: Rogue One

Arc 13: Super Baxter: Judgement Day Part 1

Arc 14: Super Baxter: Judgement Day Part 2

Arc 15: Super Baxter: Infinity Wars

Arc 16: Super Baxter: Gods of Destruction

Clash of Worlds

This arc takes place during the crossover event with Artix & Starfire and Artix Universe series as well as Super Baxter. The story is soon to be revealed as soon as possible.