Super Baxter (film)
Super Baxter Movie Film Poster 2
Directed by Baxter Ewers
Fireball Studios
Devirt Studios
Produced by Baxter Ewers
Fireball Studios
Devirt Studios
Written by Baxter Ewers
Fireball Studios
Devirt Studios
Music by Fireball Studios
Devirt Studios
Cinematography Fireball Studios
Devirt Studios
Edited by Fireball Studios
Devirt Studios
Production Company Fireball Studios
Distributed by Baxter Ewers
Release Dates TBA
Running time 143 Minutes
Country United States
Language English
 Super Baxter is a English-American Superhero Film and Live-Action Film directed by Baxter Ewers and produced by Fireball Studios. The Film features the Red Hero of Siderville Baxter and is the first installment of the Baxter film triology. It will also begin the Fireball Cinematic Universe.


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  • [Actor Name] As Baxter: An S-Rank Fire Element and The Main Protagonist from the said series. He has been protecting Siderville from it's Crinimal Underworld.
  • [Actor Name] As Gunther: Baxter's younger, taller and twin brother. The highest ranked Lightning Element user in the film.
  • [Actor Name] As Rose: The Youngest sister of both Baxter and Gunther, also known as Daughter Nature.
  • [Actor Name] As Denise: The princess of the Evington Kingdom and a user to the Dragon Element.
  • [Actor Name] As Cyclothstone: The very first main villain in the film.
  • [Actor Name] As Nicolas: Baxter's closest best friend.
  • [Actor Name] As Chester: Baxter's best friend and companion in the series. He is Baxter's pet dog and has helped him on his quest in each of his adventures.

[Actor Name], [Actor Name], [Actor Name], and [Actor Name] plays as The Green Gang in the movie. The New York Police Department play as Siderville's "Police Department" in a scene where they chase down the Green Gang. [Actor Name] plays as a Doctor in a scene at The Chamber of Birth. [Actor Name] plays as Mahroe in the ending of the movie. [Actor Name] and [Actor Name] will portray Benson and Fliarz, Baxter's parents in the film in the beginning of the movie.



The film was announced on June 8th 2016 that there will be an live-action Super Baxter movie. The film was once going to be also for Japan. However, on June 24th, 2016 it was removed due to it being a Live-Action Super Baxter Film.


Filming Locations has been confirmed that it will be Filmed in New York City, and Virginia. Virginia will be the first filming location to film Fliarz and Benson's Scene. Then it will move to New York City to film Siderville and so on.


The script is soon to be written.


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