The Super Baxter franchise, (also written as BaxterSider and Baxter) バクスター (Bakusutā?) in Japan and other Asian countries, is one of Fireball Studios's best selling video game, anime and comic series. The series usually contains a namesake character, Baxter, as the main character.

Series Info

This is basically a summary of the series and other various info that has to do with the series in general. This information does not relate to one game in particular but to all the games.

Series ordered by release:

Super Baxter series

The original Baxter series, in which Baxter battles the evil king Mahroe. This series spawned multiple spinoffs.

Game Platform Release Year
Baxter Legends PC 2015
Super Baxter: Platforms PC 2015
Super Baxter 1 PC 2016
Super Baxter: PONG! Edition PC 2016
Super Baxter: #BLESS PC 2016
Super Baxter 2: Mahroe's Resurrection PC 2017
Super Baxter: Arcade PC TBA

Super Baxter Times X series

The Super Baxter Times X series is the continuation of the original Super Baxter series, taking place a century later. The Sider Mechas Super Baxter X and Super Gunther Y fight against Bullies and the seemingly immortal Morgan.

MagiQuest series

The MagiQuest series is the RP magical world with Magi's come and protect the world from Xavier.

Baxter & Gunther series

The Baxter and Gunther series is the continuation of the original Super Baxter series. After Mahroe's defeat, he resurects into the dark mecha known as Darth Mahroe.

Crossovers and Cameo apperances

Game Platform Release Year Playable characters
Hunter's Chronicles PC TBA
Artix Smackdown! Xbox One, Playstation 4 Q4 2016 - Q4 2017
Mega Man 8-Bit Death Match PC June 2011
  • Baxter (Playable Skin)</li>
  • Gunther (Playable Skin)</li>
  • Cameos only

    Game Platform Release Year Character
    Santa Tracker 2015 PC 2015
    • Baxter: can be seen at Santa Search around the Museum and the Lab.
    Santa Tracker 2016 PC 2016
    • Baxter returns for 2016 in Santa Search in the Museum.
    Dengeki Bunko Fighting Climax Playstation 3
    Playstation 4
    Playstation Vita
    • Baxter: Accelerator has a color scheme of Baxter.



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