The Living World of Fireball Studios America  (火の玉スタジオアメリカのリビングワールド Hinotama sutajio Amerika no ribinguwārudo?) is a future theme park that will locate around The United States of America. The Theme park will have many attractions and rides remarked with Fireball Studios's Popular Series like Super Baxter, Fire Hair, Superstar Nicolas and many more franchises. It also has a counterpart called The Living World of Fireball Studios Japan (Amusement Park) as well. It will feature Video Game Franchises, Anime Franchises, Light Novel Franchises and even the Fireball Cinematic Universe joins in as well. TCT Studios will also have a represntation with it being the only 3rd party company to join in.

List of Franchises

Currently there are a total of 5 franchises confirmed.

  • Super Baxter
  • Fire Hair
  • Superstar Nicolas
  • Artix&Starfire (3rd-Party)
  • The Pioneers (3rd-Party)

Park Design

The Living World of Fireball Studios will feature 10 Locations around the Amusement Park.

The ten surrounding themed areas, clockwise from the entrance, are Video Game Central, Fireball City, Anime Central, Fireball Expo, Fireball Kids, TCT Studios, The Only Guest Company here! and Fireball's Waterpark. Each area features a combination of rides, shows, attractions, character appearances, dining outlets and merchandise stores.

Video Game Central

Ride Year opened Manufacturer
Super Baxter: The RideTBAFireball Studios
Super Baxter: 4DTBAFireball Studios
Super Baxter: Revenge of King SpiderTBAFireball Studios
Gunther: Green RideTBAFireball Studios
Denise: The Flying RideTBAFireball Studios
Parker Mayson: Fire RideTBAFireball Studios
Nicolas: The RideTBAFireball Studios

Fireball City

Ride Year opened Manufacturer
Baxter vs. Mahroe: The RideTBAFireball Studios
Rose: Nature's RideTBAFireball Studios
Mahroe: Drop of TerrorTBAFireball Studios

Anime Central

Ride Year opened Manufacturer

Fireball Expo

Ride Year opened Manufacturer
Waxter: TwistedTBAFireball Studios
Sally Mayson: Spin RideTBAFireball Studios

Fireball Kids

Ride Year opened Manufacturer

TCT Studios, The Only Guest Company here!

Ride Year opened Manufacturer

Fireball's Waterpark

Ride Year opened Manufacturer





  • Baxter's Super Shop
  • Gunther's Eletrical Music Shop


  • Baxter's Land


  • Denise's Cafe


  • Chester: The Targetting

Candy Stall

  • Fry's Treats


  • Princess Denise's Royal Garden


  • The Siderville Festival
  • Super Baxter: Live Action

Character Apperances

Production facilities

Annual Events

Graduation Adventures

Fireball's Halloween Night

Fireball's Christmas Spectacular

Fireball's Birthday Special

Fireball Express Pass

Several attractions in The Living World of Fireball Studios America allow guests to utilize Express Pass. This pass admits users to a separate line for the attraction, which is given priority status when boarding. Express Pass is not a virtual queuing service. Instead, passholders may enter the "Universal Express" line whenever they wish. This pass is not included with park admission.