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The Super Fighting Siders Tournament 1 is the first national tournament to see which elements will win the grand prize. Each element are in a team of three.

Confirmed Participates

  1. Baxter (Fire Element)
  2. Super Baxter X (Fire Element)
  3. MG Baxter (Fire Element)
  4. Suu (Water Element)
  5. Mero (Water Element)
  6. Keyonna Poindexter (Water Element)
  7. Rose (Grass Element)
  8. Rosey XY (Grass Element)
  9. Sam (Grass Element)
  10. Gunther (Lightning Element)
  11. Super Gunther Y (Lightning Element)
  12. MG Gunther (Lightning Element)
  13. Thrash (Ice Element)
  14. Nario (Ice Element)
  15. Lunik (Ice Element)
  16. Papi (Air Element)
  17. Edward (Air Element)
  18. TBA (Air Element)
  19. Princess Denise (Dragon Element)
  20. TBA (Dragon Element)
  21. TBA (Dragon Element)
  22. Amanda Stratton (Light Element)
  23. Lexi Adams (Light Element)
  24. Princess Rekishi (Light Element)
  25. Nicolas (Dark Element)
  26. Scott (Dark Element)
  27. Jenifer Adan Lopez (Dark Element)
  28. Gumball (Steel Element)
  29. Odin (Steel Element)
  30. Tj (Steel Element)
  31. Cristian (Psychic Element)
  32. Genesis Guy (Psychic Element)
  33. Must (Psychic Element)
  34. Chester (Earth Element)
  35. Cerea (Earth Element)
  36. Sadie Corinne (Earth Element)
  37. Lala (Ghost Element)
  38. Bash (Ghost Element)
  39. Jack-O-Master (Ghost Element)
  40. Savannah (Fairy Element)
  41. Savannah Allen (Fairy Element)
  42. Chisa (Fairy Element)
  43. Waxter (Ground Element)
  44. Sonikku Ewers (Ground Element)
  45. Tyrone (Ground Element)
  46. Wagunther (Poison Element)
  47. King Spider (Poison Element)
  48. Snakes (Poison Element)
  49. Peanut (Normal Element)
  50. Buckly (Normal Element)
  51. Xay (Normal Element)
  52. Baxter Ewers (Fighting Element)
  53. Amber Wells (Fighting Element)
  54. TBA (Fighting Element)
  55. Mullins (Magic Element)
  56. Chelsea (Magic Element)
  57. Zoe (Magic Element)
  58. Mahlarez (Monster Element)
  59. Mahterbet (Monster Element)
  60. Mahlaraze (Monster Element)


  • The Sacred Element are the only element to not participate in this tournament.