WorldStarHipHop is a content aggregating video blog. Founded in 2005, the site averages 1.1 million unique visitors a day. Alexa ranks the site 247th in site traffic in the United States and 983rd for worldwide traffic. The site, operated by Worldstar, LLC, was founded by Lee "Q" O'Denat at 33, a Hollis, Queens-based hip-hop fan, and a dropout from Grover Cleveland High School, who describes himself as a "Haitian ghetto nerd". Described by Vibe as a "remnant of the Geocities generation", the site regularly features public fighting caught on video, music videos and assorted content targeted to young, black audiences. O'Denat refers to the site as the "CNN of the ghetto." In 2012, Alexa Internet stated "Compared with all Internet users, its users are disproportionately African-American and they tend to be childless, moderately educated men 18–24 who browse from school and home."

It is also a site in both the Super Baxter and Real Life Series together. Alot of characters post videos of themselves and major brawls out in public as well as creating music videos.


Lee "Q" O'Denat started the website in August 2005 as a distributor of mixtapes. Shortly after the website's beginning, hackers destroyed the website. O'Denat later restarted it as a content aggregator. Thereon, World Star focused on hip hop beefs, in addition to softcore pornographic video models, which were previously popular through "street DVDs" such as Smack, Cocaine City, The Come Up and other raunchier counterparts. O'Denat used the setup of, a website which had already been distributing that sort of material. O'Denat said that this led to tension between the two websites. He added "Once we went 100 percent video, showing that original hood stuff, we prevailed."

The P. Diddy promotional video of Cîroc vodka premiered on World Star. By 2012, BET had voted World Star Hip Hop as the "top hip hop and urban culture website" for three years in a row. On August 5, 2014, Deadline reported that a Paramount was working on a film based on the site with Russell Simmons expected to produce the film.

History Of Fights

The most notable users from each series is Baxter (as FlameOnSuperBax) and Baxter Ewers (as ThatNerdIsAwesome_17) have recorded the most fights and music videos in each of their seperated selfs. Both of them have recorded more fights than other things. Baxter's most viewed video is where 2 people out in siderville where fighting and a whole crowd was watching. Baxter Ewers on the other hand has a fight between two ratchet girls in his neighborhood with many teenagers at his age watching and recording.


Vine Compilations